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Keeping your home well ventilated ensures that your home stays healthy, dry and free of mould & mildew. Waking up with condensation on your windows? Correct ventilation will help prevent condensation, while also distributing fresh air throughout your home or workplace.

At Airscape we have experience installing a range of ventilation and heat transfer systems. From custom designed & installed heat transfer systems for existing fireplaces, to installation of off-the shelf multi-room ventilation systems, and Commercial Fresh Air systems.

Have a rental property? We can help with supply and installation of the correct bathroom and kitchen extract fans, to ensure you meet the new Healthy Homes requirements.

Have a Commercial property which requires IQP signoff? At Airscape we are IQP certified for signing off SS9 (HVAC Systems) of the building WOF. With extensive Commerical HVAC experience, we can also Install, retrofit and service light Commercial ventilation & Fresh Air systems.  

Contact Airscape today to discuss ventilation options for your Home, Office and rental property.

Some of the Ventilation services we provide include: